Musical projects

Alan malusà magno

an Original compositions jazz-World-Ethnic project

The group’s name refers to Africa and the nomadic populations that cross it in many of its parts, it wants to be a starting point and an inspiration for the musical journey of AMM’s original compositions….

An Original Country Punk Psycadelic Project

Everybody knows that we would do anything for the dirty Money, but for Love and Passion we would do even more.

old jazz sextet original and traditional music

B&G are a group of quirky musicians who present cheerful swings from the yesteryears in a light and rhythmic guise. They play, have fun and celebrate their luck in the booths and taverns where they always would like to stay.

and Alan Malusà Magno

Miriam Foresti and Alan Malusà Magno

The two musicians began their collaboration in 2018: there are several projects they carry out together, including “A Soul with no Footprint”, a tribute album to Nick Drake, finalist at Targhe Tenco 2021.

a Punk folk rock original project

The trashcans or dustbins (this is the exact translation from Slovenian) represent the other face of globalization and strong consumerism…

A Funky original music collective

Is a brand created by Mr Steve (Stefano Taboga) to bring together the energies and ideas of many musicians and artists in general.

An energetic and animated music

Venice, Trieste and Udine, together: these are the places where the story begins. That Mitteleuropa, a de facto borderland, where
cultures cross, giving life to sonorities
original, with a long tradition behind them.

an Original compositions Swing Manouche project

Lune Troublante are a group active for almost ten years in music festivals, theaters, jazz music clubs, as well as abroad (Austria, Germany, Croatia, England).

Master in music composition "Campus Musica"
Crueza de Mar Cagliari

Master di 2° level “composizione per la Musica applicata” ”
at the Conservatory ”F.Vanezze” in Rovigo

Master “CSC lab Musica per le immagini”
at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma.

Composition MasterClass
Composition MasterClass with M° Stefano Bellon at the “Casa della Musica” di Trieste.

Jazz - 2nd level Experimental Specialist Two-year degrees (Jazz)
at the Conservatory “G.Tartini” in Trieste.

Jazz - First level Experimental Specialist tree-year degrees (Jazz)
at the Conservatory “G.Tartini” in Trieste

Sound Engineer diploma
at the ENAIP Udine

Acting Degree

presso la Civica Accademia D'Arte Drammatica “Nico Pepe” di Udine.

Music Teacher
at the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art “Nico Pepe” in Udine