a Punk folk rock original project

The trashcans or dustbins (this is the exact translation from Slovenian) represent the other face of globalization and strong consumerism, the systematic waste of resources. Some kind of large cases inside which you can find again all your old treasures: the worm-holed chair or the used couch, ancient music or the forgotten languages of the world.

“Our name is ‘Kosovni Odpadki’ because we recycle sounds, rhythms, languages and traditions. Some people consider these as waste and garbage, but for us it is the raw material for creating something new and alive,” explained Mauro Punteri, the lead singer of the band.

“Using Friulan and Slovene in our songs is natural for us. These languages are our mother tongues and are autochthonous expressions of our territory, a part of the world of which we are citizens,” adds Punteri.

Another characteristic of ‘Kosovni Odpadki’, and typical of other bands, was the link between its music and the new Friulan literature, in particular with the poet’s collective ‘Trastolons’ who represent a kind of original Friulan ‘beat generation’.

Band Members:

Mauro Punteri :
vocal, acoustic guitar

Alan Malusà Magno:
electric guitar and trumpet

Michele Bregant:
clarinet, tenor sax

Adriano Coco:
violin, vocals

Ispettore Gianmarco Calendula:
bass, vocals

Jvan Moda:
drum, percussion

Davide “Virus” Drius:
accordion, vocal

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Master in music composition "Campus Musica"
Crueza de Mar Cagliari

Master di 2° level “composizione per la Musica applicata” ”
at the Conservatory ”F.Vanezze” in Rovigo

Master “CSC lab Musica per le immagini”
at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma.

Composition MasterClass
Composition MasterClass with M° Stefano Bellon at the “Casa della Musica” di Trieste.

Jazz - 2nd level Experimental Specialist Two-year degrees (Jazz)
at the Conservatory “G.Tartini” in Trieste.

Jazz - First level Experimental Specialist tree-year degrees (Jazz)
at the Conservatory “G.Tartini” in Trieste

Sound Engineer diploma
at the ENAIP Udine

Acting Degree

presso la Civica Accademia D'Arte Drammatica “Nico Pepe” di Udine.

Music Teacher
at the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art “Nico Pepe” in Udine